Thursday, September 03, 2015

Scaredy Cat Mittens

I’ve always been scared to attempt mittens; even though I adore dpns, the thought of doing a thumb on dpns just plain scared me. We're experiencing back to back blizzards this year. While trying to dig my
car out after the last big blizzard with store bought acrylic gloves that got soaked and froze my hands, I changed my mind. I dug into the stash for some 100% wool and cast on that night.

Now there are a million different mitten patterns out there and these notes and the mittens that resulted are certainly not the most attractive mittens out there but they tickled me to have completed them, and are they are very warm, which was all I was really concerned with.

These are a result of me browsing several different patterns for the basics and my usual "winging it". The tops of these mittens are a result of finishing at nearly midnight, wanting to finish the mitten and having zero energy to google mitten finishing; I just "winged it".

I have very small hands, so someone with average sized hands would probably need to start with CO32 or 36 sts. Start the mitten top decreasing about 1 inch from the end of your fingertips. Increase the thumb gusset to 15st wide.

I adore the Beatrice yarn, it's soft, thick, and warm. Any yarn that gives you guage would world. I think Beatrice is a heavy worsted or chunky yarn.

My scribbled notes.(literally)

Yarn- Classic Elite Yarns "Beatrice" (discontinued)

Needles- Size 10/6.0mm

guage - 4st = 1in

ETA: stitch guide
CO- cast on
k - knit
pm - place marker
m -marker
inc - increase
dec - decrease
k2tog- knit 2 stitches together
st - stitches
st st  stockinette stitch
dpn-double point needles

CO28 onto three dpns
12 rounds 2x2 ribbing
2 rounds st st after 2x2

begin thumb gusset:

k16, pm, inc 1, k1, inc 1, pm , k to end
row3-k to m, inc 1, k to m, inc 1, k to end
k till 13 st inbetween m's
next row, k, slipping thumb sts to waste yarn, k to end
k till mitt measure 6” from end of cuff

begin dec

1-k4, k2tog, repeat
3-k3, k 2tog, repeat
5-k3, k 2tog, repeat
repeated 5 and 6 till 9st remain
thread yarn and pull thru sts, close up

thumb- pick up three st
(mental note- after row 2, take new picked up yarn and weave over the holes that picking up sts created, much easier than doing it after the thumb is complete and trying to work in a tiny thumb hole)
row 3- k2 tog once
row 4 - k2 tog once
row 10-k2tog three dif times
row 12- k2tog two dif times

thread yarn and pull thru sts, close up

And this is all the yarn I had left from two balls of yarn when both mittens were complete.

Although I swear I still have two or three balls left in the stash...but we'll pretend I don't.

ETA: I adore the purlbee's tip on avoiding ladders when using dpns, double-pointed-needles-tutorial

These pattern notes are provided for personal/charity use only, please don't sell items made using it or sell this pattern.


Michele said...

Those are great! I haven't attempted anything other than scarves and one beanie hat so far; maybe I'll try mittens next using your pattern!

Thanks for sharing!

Trish said...

You're very welcome. :) I'd love to tsee the finished mittens if you make them :)